Windriders Saddle Club *Do not join*

Glendale, Arizona 1 comment

If you are active duty or retired and are looking for a place to keep your horse do not use the base stables.Also known as the Windriders Saddle club.

These stable are on the base property but they are a private organization. The president out there is an awful individual with the worst ethics. He likes to change the rules to fit his situation. If you are an honest person looking for a family membership make sure you get everything written in stone.

He will lie to you and get his group of friends out there to vote in his favor. The place is run down anyways and looks like ***. You cant trust anyone out there.

They all lie and cheat the system.For a bunch of military individuals you might thing that the integrity is solid but no not really.



Is this place really that bad?Oh my how can the base allow such things?

I'm so sorry your and your family have gone through all of this.You should find a new club for your horses.


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